He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss and pulled me closer with my hands still in his. It wasn’t more than a soft kiss, held for a few moments. It was respectful. He wasn’t pressuring me for more. But it was wonderful.

I felt my heart swell, and that feeling bled into every part of me. When he stepped back his eyes darted between mine.

“If it wasn’t a date before, Juliet, would you like to go on a date with me? Right now?”

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“The Beauty of Chaos is a captivating and touching love story, as passionate and heartbreaking as it is hopeful. You can’t help but become invested in these unique characters so that their every high and low becomes your own.” –Yessi Smith, Author of Life Interrupted and Quietly Making Noise

“a captivating and touching love story.”

“The Beauty of Chaos was a whirlwind of a ride. The twists and turns had me flipping pages, and I loved the complexity of the characters. A great debut novel!” – Erin Noelle, USA Today Bestselling Author

“A great debut novel!”